Friday, September 19, 2014

ACEi talk.

A pharmacist from Blue Cross, Kim Moon, sent me an e-mail and told me she was a fan of the PBFluids and my and twitter. That, of course, instantly made her my newest bestie. She then asked me to do a webinar addressing common issues that prevent primary care doctors from prescribing ACEi/ARB to patients with diabetes. I agreed, anything for a fan of the blog.

A couple of months ago and long before the lecture was written she needed a title, so I threw out, "ACE inhibitors, the good, the bad, and the ugly"

Then I saw this tweet:
How embarrassing. Well, here's the show:

Link to video (740MB)
PDF (52.4MB) 
Keynote (132MB)

Streaming the video from google drive seems to be broken. Here is a forum describing the problem, and Google's lack of response to the issue. My work around has been to pony up the $60 and join Vimeo plus.

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