During residency, Sarah Faubel, and I wrote this programmed text on electrolytes. The process galvanized my interest in nephrology. The Acid Base and Electrolyte Companion is a highly styled book with a picture on every page along with simple questions at the bottom of each page to make sure you understand concepts before mindlessly flipping the page. It is highy regarded with 5 stars at Amazon. You can download the entire book (591 pages!) as a single PDF (28 mb). More info and a link to the free download here.

Now updated with the introduction, colophon, credits, dedication and table of contents.


In 2009 I was honored to work with The Michigan National Kidney Foundation and the Michigan Department of Community Health to create a primer on hypertension for doctors, nurses and midlevel providers. The book is not copyrighted so I am able to upload it for people to use as they see fit. This is a complete, 288 page text book on hypertension free for the downloading.

I wrote the subsection on lifestyle changes and blood pressure control.


Link to Critical Care Nephrology text book that contain a couple of my chapters.
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