Patient Education

Preparing for kidney failure

Dr. Mike Evens makes simply the best video I have seen to help patients and families decide on the right dialysis option for them. It is only 10 minutes long, long enough for deep information, but not too long for our attention deprived minds.

Medicare grades all of the dialysis units in the United States. Check out your unit.

Home Dialysis Central looks like a dynamite site stuffed full of resources for people doing or considering home dialysis.

Chronic Kidney Disease

Reach Kidney Care has produced a series of 2 page patient handouts which are short but pretty good. Here is the basic CKD one. You can find all of the others at the top of this page.

NKF Patient Resources A big collection of links from one of the definitive sources information on kidney disease. The signal to noise ratio is not good. I find myself doing a lot of clicking from page to page to get to the information I want.

Demystifying Kidney Disease for the Average Joe A blog dedicated to answering patient oriented questions about CKD written by a private practice nephrologist. He is also writes for

Diet and Nutrition

This is a nine (nine!) part video series on grocery shopping with chronic kidney disease.

Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones: A Patient Guide (PDF). An excellent 16 page book by the American Urology Association.


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