Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm gonna write a book.

Actually I'm going to rewrite an old book. The Fluid, Electrolyte and Acid-Base Companion was published in 2000 but went to the printer in 1999. This book on the physiology underlying common clinical electrolyte problems was written by two residents, one in internal medicine, one in Med-Peds.

Since 1999 I have:
  • Done a year of pediatric critical care as part of Riley Children's Hospital's Newborn transport team

  • Completed a 2 year fellowship in Nephrology at the U of Chicago

  • Written a textbook chapter in Intensive Care in Nephrology on calcium, phosphorous and magnesium

  • Written a chapter in Principles of Critical Care, Third Edition on electrolyte issues in critical care

  • Written a review article on magnesium

  • Worked as part of the faculty for St John Hospital's Nephrology Fellowship Program since 2003

  • So in the last nine years my knowledge and teaching sophistication on electrolytes has exploded. All this time I have been thinking about rewriting this book:

  • Fixing it

  • Adding an evidence based medicine perspective

  • Removing some of the esoteric chapters which add to the length without helping the student

  • Add resources to make it a better resource for teaching on rounds

  • Make it relevant in web based world (Think optimized for iPhone)

  • Complete revamp of Sodium with electrolyte free water

  • Finish the job we started by adding calcium, magnesium and phosphorous

  • So I'm going to write a book.
    So it begins.
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