Friday, December 4, 2009

Fellow talk on sodium

I was scheduled to give a talk on disorders of sodium and water to the fellows yesterday. We have a particularly clever cohort of fellows this year and I really couldn't give them a warmed over version of my resident and student sodium lecture so I put together this talk which looks five different issues with hyponatremia and some data regarding them:

  1. mannitol induced pseudohyponatremia
  2. TURP syndrome
  3. uremia and propensity for myelinolysis
  4. exercise induced hyponatemia
  5. differentiation of salt delpetion from SIADH with FENa, FEUrea and FE Uric acid with a couple of slides on treating SIADH with saline

Remember, downloading the native Keynote file will give you animations and a better  looking experience.
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