Thursday, December 4, 2014

Nephrology is rusting (Updated)

Another year, another horrible match.

Here is the press release: NRMP SMS Nephrology Match for Appointment Year 2015

Some of the highlights:

  • 68 of 134 programs did not fill their positions
  • There were 0.68 applicants for every fellowship position this is down from 1.5 applicants for every position in 2010
Onecurious aspects to the report: the authors wrote:
In AY2015, nearly every nephrology applicant matched, for a 95.2% Match rate.
But take a look at the table:

254 applicants and 254 positions filled, unless an applicant is doing double duty at a couple of programs, it looks like a 100% match rate.

The other fact that I'd like to know more about is there are 141 US medical schools, 6 of those are too new to have any graduates applying to nephrology, that leaves 135 producing 79 applicants. That means at least 56 did not produce a single nephrology applicant. And I bet at least a couple of schools send multiple grads to satisfying careers in nephrology.

What I want is a list of the schools who are failing nephrology and who is teaching nephrology at those locations. Let's put their heads on a stick.

On the other side of that coin is who is teaching at the schools that produce multiple nephrology applicants and what are they doing right. Lets give those teachers a medal.

Can we get the medical school data from NRMP?

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