Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just gave grand rounds on hemodialysis

The title for the talk was dialysis for the internist and I focused on recent advances in the field of hemodialysis including:

  • Plavix for fistula maturation. Doesn't work.
  • Aggrenox for graft preservation. Does work.
  • HeRO grafts for patients with central venous stenosis
  • Poor outcomes for nursing home patients started on dialysis
  • Poor outcomes for the elderly on dialysis
  • Evidence base for selecting conservative care rather than dialysis
  • Early versus late start for dialysis
  • Frequent hemodialysis
  • APOL1 as the cause of increased risk for kidney disease among African Americans
Keynote has a feature that allows people using Safari to view the presentation. Here it goes. We'll see if this works. Otherwise, the PDF and Keynote files will be available under the Lecture Tab.

Here is a video of me giving the lecture. I'm working on putting together a formal slidecast but the video was a WMV. What a hassle.

Hemodialysis for the Internist. An Update from joel topf on Vimeo.
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