Thursday, November 6, 2008

Renal Week 2008: Acute Kidney Injury


Need to adjust serum Cr for fluid balance. He states that this will allow Cr to determine renal failure 24 hours earlier. He fails to give an equation to do this. Is creatinine distributed in total body water or extracellular water? My guess is total body water.

eGFR would be more helpful in eliminating the curvelinear relationship of GFR and Cr but not validated in ARF.

Jelliffe method takes into account Cr generation and is better in ARF. Fails to provide information on calculating the eGFR by Jelliffe method.

Mentions Thurau's article on Acute renal success. Am J Med 1976

Shaw in Nephron Physiology article on the time course of AKI as determined by differing etiologies.

Oliguria is bad
diuretic matter, but he wont tell us how.

Mehta is the worst lecturer. He throws a ton of data up and fails to describe any of the implications.

Total crap.
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