Thursday, October 2, 2008

Acid-Base lecture for ER residents

Yesterday I gave a great lecture on interpreting ABG results. I added a problems set for gap-gap analysis and added a section on the osmolar gap. I also improved the anion gap section with my new favorite nemonic. Forget PLUMSEEDS, forget MUDSLEEPS, forget MUDPILES. The new hotness is GOLD MARK:
  • M Methanol
  • A Aspirin
  • R Renal failure
  • K Ketoacidosis
This new nemonic was published in a letter in the Lancet (thanks vincent bourquin). I love that it drops the silliness of paraldehyde that no one uses anymore and drops isoniazid and iron which hardly ever cause an anion gap.

I also stumbled across a cool article on the sensitivity of the anion gap for lactic acidosis. Surprisingly an anion gap is only found in 58% of patients with an anion gap.

Additionally I cleaned up a bunch of the lecture. I still have not reformatted it for the iPhone so the handout is traditional 8.5x11 without a booklet form.
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