Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Getting ready for a Fluids and Electrolytes lecture

Only a nephrologist ever capitalizes Fluids and Electrolytes.

I am so excites. I get to give the first lecture on July 1. I love the nervous energy that comes with fresh second years and new interns still getting used to the length of their newly lengthened coats.

I am working over my standard F&E Emergencies. I am putting together a new handout designed to be kept in the pocket. While working on the talk I re-found this classic review of diuretic therapy by Craig Brater. Dr. Brater was elevated to Dean of Indiana University Medical School right before I got married at the end of my residency. We had our rehearsal dinner at this Columbia Club on the Circle. I bumped into Dr. Brater right before dinner and congratulated him on becoming the dean.
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