Saturday, March 12, 2016

#NephMadness thanksgiving

The AJKDblog runs like a watch. Two posts a week, every week. One on Tuesday, one on Thursday. That steady tic-toc pattern is only broken a few times a year. One time during ASN Kidney Week where they publish as many posts as they can and then again during the NKF Spring Clinical Meeting. Between those events the only other time they break their rhythm is NephMadness. I love how your e-mail inbox is suddenly filled with nearly a dozen fresh posts.

We are grateful that the editors at AJKD trust us to take over the blog for a few weeks to conduct this preposterous idea. We are also thankful that the editorial support team is so committed to this project that they are wiling to reformat the blog to best fit the nature of our content. Thanks AJKD.

In that bounty posts, some of the content can get lost. The regional orientation posts are all quite good, so don't miss those. Paul's introduction and explanation of NephMadness is also great and by being published a few days before we unleashed the rest of NephMadness it was well positioned and received a lot of exposure. Matt and I wrote a post that describes the why behind the what and how of Paul's post. I encourage the curious to check it out. Last year's why ultimately became the message behind my dotMED and I suspect the idea inside this years post will similarly get expanded at some point to a full blown oral presentation.

Thanks for supporting NephMadness and get those brackets filled out!
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