Friday, February 28, 2014

The frequent hemodialysis network long term follow-up

The FHN trial of 6-times versus 3-times a week in-center dialysis was famously a modestly positive trial. It was not powered to show a mortality benefit and as expected, it did not show a mortality benefit. This year at Kidney Week, Chertow and the FHN Team presented a poster with subsequent follow-up of the randomized patients. While almost all of the patient migrated back to conventional 3-days a week dialysis after the trial, they found that patients randomized to daily in-center hemodialysis have had a better survival than patients randomized to 3-times a week dialysis. The Hazard ratio was a healthy 0.54!

How did this not get an oral presentation?

You can find it on page 442 of the 2013 abstract supplement, which you can download here.

You may or may not see this in #NephMadness

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