Sunday, October 20, 2013

Calling all Apple nerds! See if you can predict what will be announced...Updated!

Apple already announced new iPhones and has a media event scheduled for October 22nd. If you think you have some Apple game see if you can predict the announcements. Go here to fill out your entry. Voting ends Tuesday morning.

The winner is...Milos who crushed the competition with a score of 40! He correctly nailed the price of the price of the two iPad minis, the camera specs of both new iPads, almost perfectly nailed the specs of the iPad Air (only blemish predicting an A7x rather than the A7). But where he really lapped the competition was predicting that the program would ignore the iPods and Apple TV. Strong work!

Second place was Steven with 30 points. I tied for fourth with Mhallang at 28 points. Thanks for playing.

You can see all of the submissions here.

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