Thursday, August 16, 2012

OUWB MS2 Renal Section Course Materials

I am teaching at the Oakland University Beaumont Medical School in August. Here are the lecture materials I used.

Sodium and Water PDF (for medical students, longer than the hand out of the same name I use for third years). This is the 40+ page handout for the TBL on sodium and water. Here is the file from pages in case you wanted to fix some of my typos: Pages

Acid Base Long-ass lecture PowerPoint (3 hours of Acid-Base fun)

Acid Base hand out for workshop pdf | pages

NAGMA Cases this is the brief powerpoint of NAGMA cases as part of the Acid-Base workshop

Excel table for doing Henderson-Hasselbalch, anion gap and adjusted sodium. Useful if you need to rite a lot of acid-base problems and you are stickler for ABGs that are, you know, possible.

Fluids and Electrolyte Companion This is a 500 page opus I wrote a decade ago. Most of the pictures and concepts that I taught from come right from this book. The acid-base section holds up pretty well, as does the potassium section. The Sodium section is a bit more variable.
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