Sunday, June 18, 2017

How to subscribe to the CJASN Podcast

On the home page of the CJASN they advertise their excellent podcast

Don't miss this month's discussion of frailty by Dr. Johansen. 

It is actually less of a discussion and more of a essay read out loud. I don't think the format is great for a podcast, but it is really well executed with solid writing and great sound quality.

If you go to iTunes to subscribe to the CJASN podcast, you will be stymied:
You can find to ASN podcasts where they discuss the journal CJASN but not the CJASN podcast. Not sure why CJASN hasn't submitted the podcast to iTunes, but there is an XML feed for the podcast. Paste this into your favorite podcast app to subscribe to CJASN:

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