Tuesday, March 7, 2017

NephMadness 2017

NephMadness launched today for the fifth consecutive year. The fourth sequal to an original is a precarious place to be. Exhibit A: Fast and the Furious resorted to bringing in Dwayne Johnson. We looked into it and sadly, he was not available.

And do we even need to mention Rocky V?

So it was with this ominous precedent that we began the journey to NephMadness. In our fifth year we were able to get 31 completely fresh concepts, with the only repeat being antiPLA2r which showed up in the inaugural NephMadness in 2013.

The regions have a few more repeats as we revisited Dialysis, Nutrition, Genetics and Biomedical Research. The theme for the year is Old versus New. More on that in an upcoming editorial (just one of a number of posts that didn't quite get finished for the launch).

If you are not familiar with NephMadness, these two videos maybe helpful.

For the next month these are the essential tools:
Brackets (PDF)

AJKDblog website for all of the scouting reports so you can make the best pics possible.

NephMadness.com bracket entry site.

Now get to it!

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