Friday, January 13, 2017

Gastrorenal syndrome

Nothing can accelerate a scientific career like harnessing the work of lots of scientists by creating a new paradigm for thinking about old research. We have long known that gastric bleeding and kidney disease are often seen together, but no one has been able to harness them together in a cohesive theory, So in the hopes of greatness (and many international speaking gigs), I introduce a schema to understand the many manifestations of renal dysfunction and gastric bleeding: Gastrorenal Syndrome (GRS)

GRS Type 1. 
Acute kidney injury leading to gastric bleeding.
Acute kidney injury can causes increased sympathetic nervous system activity, increased cortisol release and alterations in the platelet function. All of these contribute to an increased risk of upper GI bleeds. In addition drugs, such as NSAIDs, increase the risk of both AKI and GI bleeds. If the kidney gives out before the stomach you have GRS type 1. If the stomach starts bleeding before the kidney goes let me introduce you to GRS type 2...

GRS Type 2. 
Gastric bleeding leading to AKI.
It has long been noted that sudden drops in hemoglobin can cause ischemic acute tubular necrosis. But previous authors have failed to properly place this in the syndrome of gastrorenal disease.

GRS Type 3. 
Chronic kidney disease leading to gastric bleeding.
CKD has long been recognized as an important risk factor for GI bleeds and now we have a schema to organize that in its proper place.

GRS Type 4.
A history of GI bleeds and peptic ulcer disease that leads to CKD.
This was just a hypothetical entry until the blockbuster news last year that chronic use of proton pump inhibitors is associated with CKD. Now we know that the mythical GRS type 4 is no figment on anyone's imagination, but rather a real entity.

GRS Type 5. 
A separate disease leading to both AKI and gastric bleeding. Think of the acutely ill patient with sepsis who develops AKI and a GI bleed. Don't make the rookie mistake of seeing two separate diseases, you are actually witnessing CRS 5!

Look for many review articles in Seminars of Nephrology and other closed access journals in the near future.

This post is getting a bit of traction on social media and I fear some might not get the joke. See this link for my feelings on cardiorenal syndrome that I was trying to spoof.
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