Friday, May 1, 2015

NephJC: one year in the can

The first NephJC chat was April 29th 2014, so the official birthday went unrecognized a couple of days ago. Such is the way of academic medicine.

Swapnil and I are delighted with the success of the endeavor which launched with humble beginnings on Medium aweek before the first chat with this manifesto:

Coincidental to the calendar turning over, NephJC is being recognized in two articles in the medical literature. The first is the first systematic review of microblogging journal clubs. It is an interesting and thought provoking article. NephJC takes a victory lap in Table 2:

NephJC is third in participants and total number of tweets and first in tweets and impressions per month. I found this paragraph particularly insightful:

Especially in light of Twitter's recent financial results.

The other entry in the medical literosphere was an article written by Swapnil and I as part of a special issue of International Psychiatry Review dedicated to social media and edited by the fabulous Margaret Chisolm. It was a unique opportunity to formalize our thoughts on NephJC and journal clubs in general.

It's been whirlwind first year and I'm looking to see what new boundaries NephJC can stretch in year two.
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