Thursday, April 24, 2014

#NephJC is coming

Next Tuesday will be the inaugural NephJC, a twitter journal club for nephrology. At 9pm Eastern there will be a twitter discussion on the article: Educational programs improve the preparation for dialysis and survival of patients with chronic kidney disease by Tamura et al. You can read about it here.

Tweet chats change the communication model of twitter. In the standard model of twitter interaction you see the tweets of the people you follow and your tweets are seen by the people who follow you. In a twitter chat you want to see all of the tweets surrounding a single hashtag, in this case #NephJC. This can be done by clicking on the hashtag, but this would require repeated clicks on the hashtag to keep it updated. Additionally you need to remember to addend each tweet with the same hashtag so other participants can see your comments.

Pressing the #icanhazpdf hashtag will find all of the tweets with that tag regardless if you follow the author.
TweetChat is a web app that makes it easy get the up-to-the-minute tweet stream of a certain hashtag, it also filters out all of the other tweets from your timeline so you can focus on the discussion at hand.

Go to and click Sign In the upper right corner.
 Authorize TweetChat
 Enter the hashtag NephJC and press GO
There is a custom tweet stream containing all the tweets across the twitterverse that are tagged #NephJC.

Additionally any tweet you enter in the tweet box will have #NephJC automatically added to it.

An alternative WebApp is Here is webcast on how to use it;

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