Thursday, February 16, 2012

She came from a land down under...

Today I had a new patient from Australia, she came in with a few years worth of laboratory results all in SI units.

I knew how to convert mmol/L of creatinine to mg/dl: divide by 88. But converting mmoles/L of urea to BUN? No idea. Converting nmol/L of vitamin D to ng/ml?  Stumped.

Thank the maker for Dr. Google.

  • To convert from creatinine mmol/L to mg/dL divide by 88
  • To convert from mmol/l Urea to mg/dL BUN multiply by 2.8
  • To convert nmol/L 25 OH Vitamin D to ng/ml divide by 2.496
  • To convert mmol of creatinine to mg of creatinine (needed to interpret a 24-hour urine) multiply by the molecular weight, 113
Hat tip to Wikipedia, Dr. Shah at AllExperts and GlobalRPh

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