Friday, July 29, 2011

Great article on the Nesiritide debacle

There has been some great articles regarding the expensive, waste of a decade induced by nesiritide.

I like this article the most because it's written by someone who is not in medicine. It tackles many of the same issues I looked at in my post, The problems with numbers, namely when drugs are approved based on intermediate end-points bad things can happen.

The best thing we can say about niseritide is that when the definitive trial was finally done, the previous concerns about renal failure, were shown to be merely illusions created by the smoke and mirrors of meta-analysis.

Acute renal failure was an early concern regarding Nesiritide...

...but when the right placebo controlled trial was done, no renal failure.
So go and read Carolyn Thomas' view of nesiritide and see how we have failed the people we are entrusted to care for.

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