Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fellow-Level Lecture on Hyponatremia

Today I did a noon conference on sodium for the neph fellows. Instead of a comprehensive sodium lecture I focused on a number of different elements and interesting aspects of hyponatremia. Mostly a deeper dive into aspects that you don't have time to cover in standard sodium lecture.

I opened with 17 quick slides on free water clearance. These slides are old and I think I could do better. Definitely due for an update.

Download the slides here.
Then I used a slide deck which covers:

  • mannitol as a cause of an osmolar gap and pseudohyponatremia
  • glycine induced pseudohyponatremia
  • a bit of data on rapid correction of sodium by hemodialysis
  • exercise induced hyponatremia
  • use of FeNa and FeUrea and FeUric acid to distinguish between salt depletion and SIADH
download the slides here
It was a fun lecture and everyone participated in a casual and interactive freewheeling learning session. Great stuff.
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