Monday, April 18, 2011

Apple customer service

I will probably be an Apple customer for life. This past week-end I brought my 16 month old iPhone 3gs to the Genius Bar. The screen has a scratch and a couple of big gouges in it. However, my problem was not cosmetic, the front button was intermittantly not working. In classic repair shop syndrome the button, miraculously healed itself on the morning of my appointment. I brought it in anyways and the Genius changed out the glass in about 10 minutes and the button started working perfectly. Total charge: Zero. Zilch. Nada.

I have had the following genius bar experiences with Apple:

  • April 2011: Apple replaces the screen on my iPhone 3gs.
  • March 2011: Apple gives me a replacement iPad after I drop and shatter the screen on my year old iPad.
  • August 2010 They replaced my Dad's iPhone 3gs after he got caught in a rain storm and fried the speaker.
  • August 2009 My wife's iPhone 3g broke after a system upgrade. Apple replaced the phone, despite being 13 months old and out of warranty.
  • September 2008 My iPhone 3g's front button became wonky after a trip to the beach. Apple replaced the phone.
  • July 2007 My PPC iMac is giving me fits. I bring it in for repair and it is still wonky after getting it "fixed." I bring the thing back and they replace it with a brand new Intel iMac.
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