Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Acid-Base lecture for the residents of St John Hospital

Today I gave my second lecture of the year for the St John Residency.

I used my Acid-Base workshop handout and added a slide show to facilitate the large group.

I still called on individual residents to answer questions to keep them involved.

I started the lecture with some audience participation. My previous lecture on IV Fluids, diuretics and dysnatremias began with me stating how ubiquitous these subjects were.

I had everyone stand then I asked people to sit down if, in the last three weeks they had not:
  • Used any diuretics: no one sat down
  • Used any IV diuretics: about half a dozen people sat down
  • Used a thiazide diuretic to counter the effect of loop diuretic resistance: lost a lot of people there but still had about a dozen left
  • Used a lasix drip to counter loop diuretic resistance from heart failure: everybody sat down but about 3 residents and the amazing Dr. Dhungel, my first year fellow on the consult service.
  • Used torsemide instead of furosemide for better pharmacokinetics: only Dr Dhungel remained standing.
I then tried to repeat the excercise for IV fluids and dysnatremias but it didn't work very well. Should have quit after the first one.

When I gave that IV Fluids, diuretics and dysnatremias lecture I didn't have a hand out. In the last three weeks I have worked up a handout:

iPhone version
Booklet form
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